(So. These are all screenshots taken straight from the game… Yeah, what is this subtext you speak of?) 



Sam looks up to find Lara — her saviour. Lara is covered in cuts, dirt, bruises and blood. Her tank top, riddled with tears and gashes, is also stained with something that Sam can only guess at. Despite all this, Sam can’t help but feel heat rise to her face, and it has nothing to do with the candles burning in the room. 


Lara, breathless with relief, doesn’t even bother with words. She moves towards Sam, arms outstretched. Her constricted heart pounds against her ribs, flaring with pain, but she doesn’t even notice it because Sam kisses her.

On the lips.

It is fleeting, lasting only a split second, but it is enough.    

Lara looks down, feeling her face burning with a pleasant warmth. It’s nice to feel something other than the cold… or pain. She lets escape a sigh she didn’t realize she’d been holding. 


Lara can feel Sam’s gaze upon her skin. 


There is a distant explosion and they’re reminded of where they are and the madness that surrounds them.


Without speaking, without asking permission — because frankly — they’ve long surpassed that point — Lara takes Sam’s hand, and Sam’s fingers intertwine with hers without hesitation, and they move to escape. Both more at ease now that they have once more found each other… 

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